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>> 04 January 2015


Areas of Expertise:
- The Egyptian Revolution, and the struggle for democracy in Egypt. How Egyptian liberals can deal with its military and Islamists?
- The Human Rights situation in Egypt, with focus on politic prisoners, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and LGBT rights.
- Anti-militarism, conscientious objectors and counter-conscription movements in Egypt.
- Social Media and its impact of pro-democracy movements prior and after the “Arabic Spring”.
- Egypt-Israel relation, and how Egypt can contribute to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
- Atheism in Middle East; the growth of atheist communities. Why atheism is growing in the region? And what opportunities comes from this phenomenon?


Past Speeches:
Maikel Nabil gave more than one hundred speeches in USA, Europe, Egypt and Israel. Here are some of the places and dates of his previous speeches:
Geneva Summit | Switzerland | March 2012.
POMED & The Atlantic Council | USA | March 2012.
Liberal International | Spain | April 2012.
Amnesty International | Germany | May 2012.
The Hebrew University in Jerusalem | Israel | Dec 2012.
Tel Aviv University | Israel | Jan 2013.
Körber Foundation | Germany | Feb 2013.
Reporters Without Borders | Spain | February 2014.
Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnoligie (ZKM) | Germany | July 2014.
American University | USA | February 2015.

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