Destroying the Fourth Reich

>> 07 October 2012

It was 1952 when, three months before starting a coup in Egypt, the so called "Moslem Soldiers" changed their name to "The Free Officers" in order to conceal their strong ties to the Moslem Brotherhood and its leader Hassan Al-Banna. Two important figures in this coup would subsequently become Presidents in the New Government: Gamal Abdel Nasser and Mohammed Anwar Al-Sadat. The latter explicitly admitted in front of the Egyptian Parliament that both of them cooperated with Hassan Al-Banna in the secret militia of the Moslem Brothers.
It is well known that Hassan Al-Banna was keen on Nazism. During WWII he used the newspaper he had established “Al-Nazeer” as a tool for supporting the Nazi army. Such was his advocacy that he stated Adolf Hitler had converted to Islam and was supported by Allah. Additionally, he, Amin Al-Hussieni and their colleges cooperated with the Nazi Arabic radio which was covering the whole Middle East at that time spreading the Nazi ideology.
Beyond the complexity of their political relations, Al-Sadat and Al-Banna shared an obscure affinity for Nazism. In his diaries “In Search of Identity” Al-Sadat admitted having contact with the Nazi Army in the prospect of cooperation during the WWII, when he was a young officer in the Egyptian Army, Even when this attitude is open to interpretation in the context of the Egyptian search for support against British domination. Later, Al-Sadat used a tie with the swastika during one of his negotiations with Israeli politicians. In October 1981 death found him wearing a uniform suspiciously similar to the one used by the “SS”.
In the light of these precedents it is not surprising that in 1952 Nasser and Sadat had abolished the Egyptian Liberal democracy and started a new regime based on Social Nationalism, Xenophobia, and Anti-Semitism. The signification of symbolism should not be underestimated: the green Independence Egyptian flag was substituted by a new one exhibiting the 3 Nazi flag colors (Red, White, and Black). They spread their power to Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, and Gaza, and in every time carrying the same ideology and colors of the Nazi flag.
After the end of WWII the world believed that Nazism had ended; they overlooked the establishment of a new Nazi regime in the Middle East. These officers, heirs of the Nazi ideology, started a 4th Reich in Egypt establishing characteristically oppressive institutions on the same attitude of the Gestapo and the SS. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise that the Nazi war criminal Aribert Heim was hiding in Egypt under cover for decades.
In addition, they expelled 80 thousands of Egyptian Jews just after robbing their properties and removing their citizenship. Not being punished by this crime, 10 million Egyptian Christians are their new target. Disconcertingly, this Nazi regime is being supported now by Israel. Probably Ronald Regan was right when he said there is a great similarity between Politics and Prostitution.
Following the teachings of Goebbels a huge propaganda system was assembled in Egypt and the Arab World in order to manipulate and mobilize the public opinion. Fully in function until now, its consequences have been witnessed by the whole world recently: a political and human crisis triggered by the American amateur movie "Innocence of Moslems".
Unfortunately, the Nazi legacy has been perpetuated in Egypt. Most of laws promulgated soon after the coup have not been touched till now. Personally, when jailed last year I was judged by laws made in the 1960s. The Military council ruling Egypt until last July didn't touch those laws, and Mohammed Morsi (the Moslem Brotherhood president) neither did.
While you are reading this, Ayman Youssef Mansour, Gamal Abdou Masoud, Makarem Diab Said, Bishoy El-Beheri and many others are in Egyptian Jails because of criticizing Islam. The activist Alber Saber, currently tried due to the fact that he is atheist, could be the most recent case but won't be the last one as long as this Nazi regime remains in power.
Not a few of us assume with unbelievable naivety that gone the bad leader, everything will be solved. That is a dangerous mistake. If the Nazi army had not been defeated, the Nazi regime would have lasted even after Hitler’s death. Similarly, a little changed in Egypt after the outset of Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak or Tantawi, the problem is in the regime, not in individuals.
4 months ago, I moved to Germany, trying to understand this European Ideology which infected my country, while Europe managed to get cured from it. By now the most significant fact I discovered is that many Germans fought against the Nazi regime from inside, and tragically all of them failed. The intervention of other countries was necessary to overthrow the Nazis. I suspect that the same goes with the Egyptian dictatorship. All the attempts to break it down from inside will fail, even revolutions won’t work. The disregard the world shows for Egypt dictatorship’s crimes gives room for its perpetuation. I hope the recent attacks on western embassies can serve in History as the attack on Pearl Harbor. The world has to know that if no one decided to face it, this dictatorship will remain, and will continue exporting hatred and terrorism to the whole world forever.

Adolf Hitler with Amin Al-Husseiny in Berlin


Anonymous,  09/04/2013, 09:26  

So this the first article I read here that proves you are not faithful to your own ideas or values!!
You are not just someone who has observed how is Egypt deviating from universal values and want to correct it, your hate has grown to the people themselves...

You are even using pseudo-history and twisted facts to prove a very naive idea that does not even persuade a child: Nazis now control Egypt!

This article also shows how you use a different language form you Arabic blog, where you lied about your faith Egyptians can reform their own country from within.

One last question: WHY BOTHER? What's in it for you to try to change 100% of the people of some country while you can easily live somewhere else with people you like??

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