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>> 20 March 2012

I was wearing the blue clothes of prison that day, transformed with cuffed hands to the military court, and after the legal procedures of my trial which I boycotted I met that general. He started his talking saying “Last week I was in a military meeting in USA, and I met X & Y from the Pentagon, bla bla bla “. It wasn’t hard for me to understand his message; he was telling me that America on his side, while I’m “the Liberal Democratic activist” is suffering in Jail.
For more than 6 years I’ve been acting in Egypt for Democracy, individual freedoms, human rights, Peace and against Racism, Wars, Militarism, and Discrimination. And for this, I was arrested 5 times in Egypt, was beaten and sexually harassed. The military invaded my house twice, persecuted even the girl they thought she was my girlfriend. I’ve spent 10 months during the last year in Egyptian prisons with a hunger strike lasted for 130 days, after they accused me in front of a military tribunal of “insulting the military”. My family and friends were targeted by the military, and my father was moved from his job 4 times the last year to harm my financial status. And after thousands of activists around the world suffered to get me out of prison, the military released me without dropping the charges, meaning that they can get me back to prison at any time.
Neither me nor any other revolutionary in Egypt thought that our revolution could be transformed to this militarized nightmare. We rose against Mubarak aiming to live in a free country, calling for democratic reform, Pressuring for protecting the Human rights and the dignity of our citizens. But instead of that we were killed, injured, military tried, tortured, arbitrary detained, and targeted in local media. And for the surprise of us, the Egyptian military is backed up by the free world, and making these violations under the protection of the USA.
During my imprisonment, I knew about the Statements issued by US leaders condemning my detention. I even read the letters which Senator Mark Kirk and Representative Frank Wolf sent to Me and to Field Marshal Hussien Tantawi… but every day I was asking myself, what I’m benefiting from these vocal statements while I’m in Jail and the Egyptian Army is oppressing my people with the American weapons?
During the last year, I was following the file of American hostages in Egypt. It began with Ilan Grabel, The American-Israeli citizen who was arrested in Egypt for no crime, just to be traded for something we don’t know till now. And because the free world accepted to be blackmailed, and because the Egyptian military benefited from blackmailing USA & Israel, they repeated it again, but this time with more than 20 American citizens in the ridiculous case against civil society organizations in Egypt. These Americans were prohibited from leaving Egypt for a long time, and targeted by state-owned media in Egypt with a military anti-American propaganda including great dose of conspiracy theory and Anti-Semitism. After the Egyptian Military knew that the military aids to Egypt won’t be decreased in the next year, they allowed these Hostages to leave Egypt without dropping the case, and asking them to be back in 2 weeks to continue their trial procedures. It was leaked also that SCAF members were using the American hostages as a tool to free the Egyptian Terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman, an information which opens lots of questions related to international terrorism and the Anti-American groups in Egypt. And after that the pro-SCAF activist Tawfeek Okasha led a demonstration in front of the American Embassy in Cairo, and the revolutionaries feared that his thugs could invade the Embassy as what happened before in the Israeli Embassy and tried to make them leave the area, but the American-backed Egyptian military attacked these revolutionaries!!!
Last week, I was in Geneva to Testify in front of the UN Human rights council, asking the council when they will act to make sure that the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and the International Convention for Civil and Politic rights is respected. And this week I’m here in USA, to ask the American leaders if the American Tax-Payers are cutting from their money to support dictatorships? Why the Egyptian people aren’t allowed to have the same rights and freedoms which the American people have? How a democratic country gives weapons to such Nazi militarists knowing that they will use it against democratic activists? How would you expect that Egyptians will consider USA a friendly country if our brothers are killed by the American weapons? And if the military aids given to Egypt is to support the cold peace between Egypt and Israel, then why Egypt didn’t stop targeting Peace activists? And why Egypt didn’t stop the Anti-Israel propaganda?

This Article was published in The Wall Street Journal in 19 March 2012


Sue Chesley 13/12/2012, 00:36  

A great article, and as an American, I abhor that my tax dollars support regimes and brotherhood agendas. Makes me sick. I have to do something about that. I should start writing letters, but I feel with our current administration, it is all to no avail. Obama is all too accommodating to these thugs. I wish you the best, but one thing I sincerely urge you to research, God is real....indeed, how can the world happen from nothing? Nothing + nothing = nothing. There is the utmost order in creation. I love you, friend, thank you for what you do to help!

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