>> 28 March 2012

Non-Israeli Jews are better than Israeli Jews

N.B. 29 March 2012
1- This is criticism not Antisemitism.
2- The Generalization is not meant, the majority is meant.
3- Non-Israeli Jews are living between different cultures, and contacting people with different mentalities. this gives them more deep thinking and more ability to interfere and make a change, while Israeli Jews considered Israel as a big Ghetto, and they don't react with their neighbors, and living in a Jewish community made them lose the ability to act with different societies and cultures
4- Israel was made by Non-Israeli Jews
5- I consider both as friends, even I don't believe in religions at all.


Anonymous,  28/03/2012, 08:36  

انا هابعت اللنك ده لكل اصحابي الإسرائيليين عشان يعرفوا اد ايه انك معادي للساميه و منافق و عنصري كويس انك فاضح نفسك و كاتبها بالإنجليزي

European guy,  28/03/2012, 16:47  

Why would you say such a stupid sentence? Did somebody hack your account? Trying to be loved by the Egyptians that loathed you and other liberals who weren't Arabic or Islamic enough, because they didn't submit to the barbaric consensus of Egyptian society? Is this the end of enlightenment? What for? For the illusion to be more of an influence when making compromises with ignorance? Don't fool yourself...

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