Message to Israel Calling for solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution

>> 04 February 2011


قهوة المصريين 11/04/2011, 22:32  

المواطن المصري هو من يدافع عن كل حبة رمال مصرية

Anonymous,  29/08/2011, 22:13  

kos omen om el 5lfooooooooook kolohom

Anonymous,  16/11/2011, 13:30  

test: Ϣϥϧϩϫϭϯⲁⲃⲅⲇⲉⲋⲍⲏⲑⲓⲕⲗⲙⲛⲝⲟⲡⲣⲥⲧⲩⲫⲭⲯⲱⲳⲵⲷⲹⲻⲽⲿⳁⳃⳅⳇⳉⳋⳍⳏⳑⳓⳕⳗⳙⳛⳝⳟⳡⳣⳤ⳥⳦⳧⳨⳩⳪ⳬⳮ coptic script (supported by unicode,linux,ubuntu i gess out of the box)

Anonymous,  25/01/2012, 21:17  

ان عداوة مصر لإسرائيل سببها الريسي عدوانها علي الفلسطينيون

Anonymous,  19/02/2012, 01:07  

Shalom - Salaam to all Gods creation Where will the arab spring lead us ? will it be a better future - will it bring equality and freedom ?
we live in spiritual battlefield- darkness against Light but the Light has already won the victory- The Messiih is the solution- Follow His Word and you will have peace. praying for the situation in your country- God bless you !

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