Message of Solidarity from Israeli Friend

>> 03 February 2011

I received a message of solidarity from an Israeli Friend, he asked me to send it to all Egyptians participating in the Egyptian Revolution, So I decided to publish parts of it

Dear Egyptian Brothers and Sisters, I have been watching your fight for freedom on TV this past week. This is a message of support for your struggle. I hope you will accept it in the spirit with which it is offered.
I hope that these words, will be a source of comfort and inspiration to you in your fight for freedom, which I have complete faith will be victorious. Please know that MANY, MANY, MANY people in Israel are with you in your fight for freedom - send your wounded to us, we have very good doctors and hospitals. They will welcome you in and help you!
The People of Egypt lives. The People of Assyria lives. The People of Israel lives. Together, with faith in God and a commitment to live according to His Covenants, we will plant and build a truly New Middle East. Together. May the God of Israel watch over you in your days of trouble and trial, until your coming victory.
Shalom from Yerushalayim,
Lowell Joseph Gallin

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