Egyptian Intelligence Just Released me

>> 05 February 2011

Egyptian Intelligence Just Released me an hour ago... They beat me a lot, sexually harassed me, threaten me to be tried in front of a military trial, wanted to make me join the army, stole my ID & Mobile phone. I spent The Worst days of my life... I'll need a couple of days to rest after this horrible experience


Anonymous,  07/02/2011, 15:18  

كن قويا

Anonymous,  09/02/2011, 07:55  

Feel better soon, we are all praying for your wellness. Sorry you had to go through something so awful. We are all behind you in solidarity.

Maikel Nabil Sanad مايكل نبيل سند 09/02/2011, 14:15  

Thanks, Friends for your support
I'm fine now, and recovering

Maikel Nabil Sanad مايكل نبيل سند 10/02/2011, 12:37  

Guys, Read the full story here

Anonymous,  17/02/2011, 22:10  

انت تواصلت مع صحافية اسرائيلية ايام الثورة وقلتلها انو مبارك ضد اسرائيل والمنهاج المصري بقول انو اليهود ملهمش حق في فلسطين دا موثق في التلفزيون الاسرائيليو الفلسطيني
دي عمالة يا روحي
باي باي راحت عليك

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