3 Steps With The Egyptian Intelligence

>> 09 February 2011

One of the officers at the Egyptian Intelligence told me that I have 3 steps with them. the first time they arrested me ( last November ) they treated me good, and this was the fist step. The second step was this week when they just beat me. He didn't tell me what will happen to me in the third step when they will arrest me again. That's why there shouldn't be a third time. this revolution must win.


mohamed_salem 12/04/2011, 12:01  

بص بقى معنى ان المخبرات نعتقلك انك مش مجرد ناشط او معارض عادى فى حاجة تانية اكبر من كدا و إلا كنت اعتقلت فى امن الدولة فقط
ممكن تقولنا على الحاجة دى؟

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