>> 26 October 2010

I think some parts of my Interview with Ynet was misunderstood

I've never said That I believe that Israel should have a religious character...  I believe Israel Is the state of the Jewish people, but not a state with a religious character ... I separate between religion and culture ... I'm secular, I can't imagine agreeing with a religious state ... If Israel became a religious state, what will be the difference between Israel and Iran ?

Israelis who are linking between Israel with the Jewish religion, Is maintaining wars for ever... Peace won't rise upon the middle east, unless when all states in middle east become secular ones

I didn't mean by anyway to support any fundamental Jewish views in Israel ... I support secular parties and groups in Israel, as I'm doing the same here in Egypt

Without Secularism, There won't be any tolerance, citizenship, peace nor any development ... Religious men carries us with them to their dark ages... Religious parties won't make peace with anyone of Israel neighbors

One of the big causes which makes me love Israel, that it's more secular than Egypt and any other Islamic country ... I can't agree with those who want to convert Israel into theocratic or religious country ... There should be a complete separation between religion ( any religion ) and state

I'm an atheist who supports the rights of the Jewish people, not the right of religious men in annoying non-religious people


Anonymous,  31/10/2010, 14:25  

I agree; but Israel cannot be a totally secular country - with buses running on the Sabbath and the holidays! Yom Kippur is a very special day when there is no traffic on the streets!!

Maikel Nabil Sanad مايكل نبيل سند 31/10/2010, 20:00  

And what's the idea in annoying non-Jews in Yom Kippur ?

Anonymous,  23/12/2012, 08:11  

There's a big difference between letting people of a religion, follow that religion in peace,

and supporting those of a religion who would impose their religion onto others by creating a theocracy.

If I understand correctly that is the point of Maikel Nabil Sanad's view. I agree with that view.

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