Letter to The High Commissioner for Human Rights

>> 13 October 2010

During the last months, I’ve send several letters to Egyptian officials, Asking them about my Right in Conscientious Objection from the Military Service. None of them replied to my letters, so I decided to go on talking with International Officials who could help me in my case

This is the Letter I send yesterday, To the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs. Navanethem Pillay On her Email: InfoDesk@ohchr.org


Letter to the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Dear Mrs. Navanethem Pillay,
The High Commissioner for Human Rights

My Name is Maikel Nabil Sanad; I'm an Egyptian citizen, 25 years old... I'm a Blogger and a Human Rights activist from about 5 years.
I'm a pacifist, against wars; I've never carried a weapon. I support peace in the region, especially between Egypt & Israel.

I'm also the Head of Egyptian Antimilitarist Movement named “No for Compulsory Military Service ". We have activated from the beginning of 2009, Against Egyptian Obligatory Military Service Laws, I gave several lectures on this topic allover Egypt, and we have done lots of campaigns trying to force the government to change obligatory military service law.
The law here in Egypt obligates males to serve in the army for 1 to 3 years (and may be more); there is no legal method to postpone it. Also the law here doesn’t give citizens their right in Conscientious Objection.... But the law gives the Minister of Defense the Authority to exclude whoever he wants from the obligatory Military Service
In our Campaigns we depend a lot on the documents released by United Nations Commission On Human Rights, especially " The Resolution of the Commission on Human Rights, 10 March 1993" and "The Report of the High Commissioner to the Commission on Human Rights, 14 March 2002 "... All those documents, which ensures the right of every human-being in a Conscientious Objection from the military Service.

I finished my college last year, and according to the law, I was submitted to the army forces to be recruited. The military authorities decided that I should serve in the army for 3 years (which could be extended more than this period)
So, I sent Letters to Ministry of Defense, Prime Minister, Heads of the parliament, And the President of Egypt ... I asked them for my right in a Conscientious Objection and an exception from the obligatory military Service, because of My Pacifist beliefs, Based on the constitutional articles supports Individual and Religious freedoms... And none of them replied me till now (the first letter to the ministry of defense was in 29 July 2010)

Now, According to the army instructions, I have to begin my military service in 20 October 2010 (after a week)... And If I didn't go to my service at that time, they will take me to a military trial, and jail me to a period which may reach to 15 years in a military prison.

I'm asking you, with your authorities and responsibilities, to contact the Egyptian Regime, Demanding My safety, and my right in Conscientious Objection from the military Service ... My right to not being forced to carry weapons participating in the increasing conflicts in Middle East.

Maikel Nabil Sanad
I hope anyone who reads this, supports me to have my right in Conscientious Objection, and make sure that I remain safe and free without any trial here in Egypt

More Details about Our Movement

The letters I sent to the Egyptian Officials are available in Arabic, but I have Google Translation, which will be of a good value

حملة خطابات لمسئولين مصريين أعتراضا على الخدمة العسكرية

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