>> 08 July 2010

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Anonymous,  24/10/2010, 17:09  

Hi Mikel,
you are a brave man :-)
send my regards to your people

take care!


Anonymous,  24/10/2010, 17:22  

Salam alekum Maikel

I wish everybody were atheist liberal and peace lover like you are,both in egypt and israel.

If more people were like you we could have created a wonderful paradise in the middle east together.
our money would have gone to science and education and agriculture and not to more guns and missiles.
you are one of the most brave people I ever read about and I wish you to stay strong and safe and fight for your just believes against all evil.

your Israeli neighbour

p.s. good luck with your hebrew lessons! I also intend to learn more arabic soon..our languages are very simliar as semitic languages.

Anonymous,  25/10/2010, 11:48  

world peace project from israel

Anonymous,  25/10/2010, 11:52  

world peace project join us on feacebook

Stav is addressing the world with an important message:

We children, the future generation, want a better world to live in.

A world without wars, without racism.

This is why we must be involved and make an impact on our future.

Maybe in this way, we will manage to touch the hearts of leaders around the world, and make them take the path of peace.

Anonymous,  25/10/2010, 12:17  

Salam Aleikum Maikel,

I was amazed to learn about you and your supporters in Egypt. Unfortunately most of the time we are exposed in the media only to the extremists in Egypt, and I believe this distorts the true face of the people.

I can imagine that maintaining your views is a daily struggle which takes a lot of courage and personal integrity.

I hope you succeed in your cause, and that many more will follow you in Egypt and in other arab countries, so that everybody in this tormented region can lay down their weapons, and build a joint future of peace and prosperity.

The overwhelming majority of people in Israel, whether left wing or right wing, eagerly await the time in which our lives will never again involve wars and conflict. People like you bring this time closer.

Best wishes of health and prosperity to you and the entire Egyptian nation.


Anonymous,  11/04/2011, 19:36  

Greetings Maikel
I wish I could hear more about people like you from your part of the world. Although this occassion with you being charged and sentenced for blogging does not seem a very happy one. Wish you good luck and a lot of courage to withstand the trials that await you in the future. And I wish that the revolution which you, Egyptians, have started and which brought up so much sympathy around the world will not be stolen and will not end up in just another totalitarian regime with always the same people in charge and with always the same practices and policies.
Let God Be With You.
Czech Republic

Anonymous,  11/04/2011, 20:01  

Dear Maikel,

Although I am a pacifist *because* I believe in Jesus (sorry), I strongly support your courage and conviction in advocating for human rights and democracy and trying to bridge the divide between Israel and her neighbors. I'm praying for your speedy release from prison.

Blessings from America.

Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Ahmed 12/04/2011, 15:47  

dear miakel
i'd like to say to u:
كس امك
fuck you mother fucker shit eater son of bitch

לך תזדיין בן זונה חרא אוכל בן זונה

vas te faire encule mère fucker mangeur de merde fils de pute

fuck you Mother Fucker Shit Eater Sohn Hündin

भाड़ में जाओ तुम माँ कुतिया की कमीने गंदगी भक्षक बेटा

пошел на хуй мать ублюдок дерьмо Eater сын сука


thank you :)

Anonymous,  13/04/2011, 11:34  


stay strong through your ordeal, and may it end quickly. You are a brave and patriotic individual.


United States

Rebecca 13/04/2011, 16:53  

Hello Maikel Nabil Sanad. I am an American Jew, and my heart goes out to you on your being sentenced to 3 years in prison for criticizing the military and supporting the Jews. I am deeply moved and touched by your obvious affection for Israel and the Jews, and I really applaud your courage. I hope you are released soon but you can be sure I'll be speaking up for you as long as you are in prison.

Anonymous,  15/04/2011, 20:40  

in this demoniac world, truth is persecuted and evil is in power. It is mind-boggling how unjust and unfair was to put a brilliant-minded, progressive intellectual like you behind bars. My heart goes out to you, i hope one day this whole world of untruth, injustice and suffering will perish as we realise our true nature as immortal Consciousness, who was dreaming a nightmare of the human incarnation. You should be made president of Egypt, for your courage alone, but no chance... in this evil world...

Anonymous,  18/04/2011, 15:33  

أولا: فى إلحادك فهذا أمر يخصك فى علاقتك مع ربك سبحانه وما كان من المناسب أن تعلنه – كما لا يصح ان يدعى غيرك تقواه.
ثانيا: فى إعجابك بإسرائيل :غالبية شعب مصر يتفق معى على السلام مع إسارئيل ومع تأييد كامب دافيد التى تقر بحق إسرائيل فى
الوجود وحقيقأن إسرائيل فى فترة قصيرة وفى حدود 60 سنة إستطاعت أن تحقق تقدماً علمياً وإقتصادياً وسياسياً إلا أنها خسرت إنسانيا
ً بسياسات فيها تفرقة عنصرية ضد الفلسطينين فى الأراضى المحتلة وفى قبل المدنيين من الأطفال والنساء والعزلونحن نحترم الدين اليهودى ونعترف به
ونقرأ فيه لنتعرف على حكم الله فى ظروف تختلف عن الظروفالتى عاصرت سيدنا محمد ونأخذ منه ما لا
يتعارض مع ديننا بإعتبار أن ما يتعارض مع ديننا محّرف، وقد جاء القرآن ليفصل فى أكثر
ما كانوا فيه يختلفون. وهذا هو الأمر ذاته فى الدين المسيحى ولاكننا لا نقر المشروع
السياسى لليهود إذا كان فيه تعدى على حقوق الإنسان ومبادئ المساواة التى إستقرت فى ضمير الإنساني
ثالثا :"نسوى" وما معنى هذا ؟ هل هو مبدأ إحترام المرأة – فنحن معك فيه أم هو مبدأ آخر ؟
الشذوذ أمر لا يتوافق مع الدين الإسلامى أو الدين اليهودى أو الدين المسيحى
– وليس معنى ذلك أننا نجرمه ولكننا لا نتباهى به
رابعا:أنت حر فى آرائك بخصوص طوائف المجتمع سواء كان الجيش أو غيره وسواء إتفقنا معك أم إختلفنا.
نحن نسعى اليوم لتأسيس مجتمع ديمقراطى. ويكون من حق الجميع التعبيرعن
آرائهم حتى وإن إختلفنا مع بعضها أو كلها. نتمنى لك الحرية ونتمنى لك الهداية.

Anonymous,  20/08/2011, 11:45  

Dear Maikel,

all the loving hearts in the world are sending you love - all the openminded ones are supporting you, their thoughts are with you - all the wholehearted people in the world are showing solidarity with you and your fight for democracy and freedom.

Hold on, sinceriously, a friend

Annlou 23/08/2011, 11:11  

Dear Maikel!

Don't get your hopes down!

Greetings from Berlin, Germany

Anonymous,  24/09/2011, 15:35  

Dear Maikel,

I just got to know about your story - it makes me crying.

I can not imagine what it means beeing in this situation but I would like to tell you one thing:
Many people died during their fight for freedom. They are heroes (for you and for me) and they are necessary.
But we already have those heroes. You seems to be an inteligent and clever man - you can help the movement for "freedom" in better ways.
Don`t be to strict with yourself. There are moments in the life of young men - that trys to be independent and fight for that - when it is necessary to change a decision.

You don`t loose your face by a change!!!

I really would like to fight together for freedom. So please, eat! We need your ideals, inteligence and realizations.

You are a "Übermensch".

Be brave,
Chris from Germany

Anonymous,  04/10/2011, 13:16  

Dear Maikel, the german 'Zeit' has published an article about you, your fight and your strength. Just wishing you all the best and hoping that you never lose your hope!
Valeska/ Germany

sabry mohamed 09/11/2011, 10:03  

الحرية انت ...

Anonymous,  16/12/2011, 12:14  

the whole world participates in solidarity with you against the repression of the military egyptian government, which will get more and more catched and involved in it`s own downfall by this false and stupid totalitarian justice, opressing critical observers like you.

idhab ila dammi,
frank (from allemania)

Anonymous,  02/01/2012, 17:29  

Dear Maikel,
today I read in one of the biggest newspapers of Germany ("Sueddeutsche") about your situation in prison. I was shocked and furious! In the week, before the elections of parlament startet (in the end of november 2011)I came like a tourist to Cairo and went in feelings of solidarity for the people of the Revolution to nights and one day on Tahrir, when the demonstrations and the confrontation with the police had startet again. I saw some people from Tahrir using stones against the police, and I saw how the police were shooting on the people and hundreds of ambulances were carrying away the injured or dead people. The force of the people of Tahrir, I got so impressed of it!, is the strong presence of the people, but please not their violence. I understand, that the police and the military are using lots of cruel violence and even are trying to rob your presence. I have great respect for your hungerstrike and your fight for free speech, and nevertheless I pray and hope you will keep presently with your body and your mind in this crazy, cruel and in spite of it so hopeful world. We need you! With high esteem
Burkhard Werner, Germany

Anonymous,  24/01/2012, 22:43  

welcome home maikel :-)

Anonymous,  26/01/2012, 00:45  

Dear Maikel,
you do not know me , but I followed your story in the german and international media. Anyhow, I have just been informed by german peace society - connection e.V. via e-mail that you have been freed from prison and I would like to let you know, that I am happy for you and your family. You are a very brave guy! I have friends in Egypt , I have friends in Israel. I love both countries and we need more Maikels in both societies :-))
All the very best for you
Wolf in Germany

Anonymous,  26/03/2012, 22:44  

I do believe that people can do exceptionally brave things to bring a positive change. We saw that in other countries (US- Martin Luther King/ South Africa/nelson Mandela- Europe in 1989/fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the cold war...).

History learned that the road will be long, and difficult to make a dream come true.

And we saw also that the establishment will do whatever to stay in power. But history learned also never to underestimate the strength of women and men who share a common dream can make a great difference. (-;

All the best for those Egyptian man and women who do their best to make a change!

Belgique, België, Belgium

Anonymous,  06/04/2012, 16:39  

if one day i wake up and find that people in egypt (my country) had the tolerance for you and others, i then will know i live in a free country,
and in the words of sabry mohamed:
the freedom is you
and welcome back home :)

Anonymous,  25/08/2012, 13:26  

Dear Maikel,
Thank you for your wonderful piece in Haaretz.
Abraham (Haifa, Israel)

Anonymous,  05/09/2012, 07:00  

Your article in the newspaper haarez: The Egypt-Israel peace treaty is dead is interesting in many ways and it also allowed me to read about you and your activities. To be a critical and free spirit is hard nowadays but it's an essential ingredient to freedom! A.

Anonymous,  07/09/2012, 14:49  

Greetings Maikel,
I just read your piece on the 1979 Egypt/Israeli Peace Treaty, and I must say I was quite moved by its perspective.

Its not often you read somthing that focuses on the desires of the everday person, but rather the ruling elite. Keep up the wonderful work.

Jason, from the US

piet 27/10/2012, 23:55  

Dear Maikel,

Freedom of speech!!
Still Going Strong Maikel,

Piet from


Anonymous,  05/12/2012, 14:38  

Hey Maikel - Ex Muslim here from Egypt too bad you have more supporters from outside than from Egypt ,
one of your supporters .

Anonymous,  23/12/2012, 16:21  

Dear Maikel,

It was great to watch you online this morning as you gave your talk at Hebrew University. Thank you for visiting Israel in a sincere showing of a desire for peace. I hope you will inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

Anonymous,  23/12/2012, 19:54  


I've heard about your visit to Israel, and just wanted to support and thank you. I haven't read your posts here, but I am going to, and from what I've heard, I wish more people on both sides would share your views and opinions.

It's comforting to know, that not everyone in Egypt and the Arab world in general hates us and wants to see us burn.

Maybe when more people realize that life is precious and there's no reason to waste it over futile wars, maybe then we can finally achieve peace. It does take a difficult compromise for both sides, when it comes to the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, but it can and must be done, hopefully as soon as possible - too many have died already, from both sides.

I'll be following your posts from now on. Good luck and stay safe.

Ido (aka K) from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Anonymous,  24/12/2012, 02:38  

Maikel: We need more people like you on all sides. as a religious person myself,I can tell you (and all your readers) that religion is the cause of almost all the world's problems.Religion should be a personal experience and it should not be something that is forced on others.
Cliff from Brooklyn,NY,USA

Anonymous,  24/12/2012, 10:32  

Hello, Greetings from USA but I am Emirati... I can not email you on your contact page as it does not seem to work. I wish you great luck. I am an Alawite and I wish you luck as we all need laicite in this world. I feel the problem in our nations is that Sunni Islam likes to Impose and persecute those who do not confirm to it, like my people the alawites we do not confirm and we are called blasphemers constantly. I do not wish to say my name for my own safety but I Hope your visit to Israel/Palestine is good. Stay safe and I hope one day that all of us of all faiths or lack of faith can be free together as brothers and sisters!

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Anonymous,  31/12/2014, 21:54  

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We can only hope things will improve globally as we enter into 2015.

Religion has destroyed my country and since becoming an atheist I have never been happier.

I would urge anyone reading this to look at the zeitgeist movies on youtube, they explain everything perfectly about how the world works

Love and peace to all from Northern Ireland :-)

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emily 07/04/2015, 10:11  

There is help out there i have always thought life is a complicated issues until i met this great man the Dr abubakar of, it all started when my wife and i had problems it was almost tearing my home apart our relationship was almost non existent until i lost my job all the problems were now compounded and my threatened and filed for divorce i had nothing to do and nowhere to go then i came across a post on the internet on how dr abubakar of helped one woman who was in need, i never knew all this spell casters are powerful so i decided to give it a shot and behold i was surprised when he told me not to worry that everything will be alright i never believed him i had my doubts because my wife was a very stubborn woman someone very hard to convince so i did everything he asked of me and to my surprise my wife started begging me to accept her back that she didn't know what came over her and i was called back in my place of work and compensated and i was also promoted all thanks to one man dr abubakar of, if you are ever in problem or in need don't look anywhere else just contact this one man and he will help you out in whatever situation you find yourself again i want to say thank you sir for all you done for me your son from the UK steven williams 

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