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>> 19 December 2015

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The War Over Blasphemy
The Battle Between Tradition and Modernity in Egypt

How Egypt’s Conscription Generates Unemployment and Refugees!
How I Was Dragged into Activism!
In Egypt, You Must Agree With the Military or Else!

What Egypt Needs to Do
Are We Becoming Cowards?
They Burned My Church!
Five Dreams and a Haunted Soul
Pahlavi's Greatest Sin
The Myth of Religious Freedom in Muslim Countries
Egypt and Israel; let your Conscientious Objectors free

Merkel's Fascist Guest


Let There be Peace
Yes I am a blasphemer get over it 
The Crime of Insulting Superstitions
Destroying the Fourth Reich
Ai Weiwei Must Be the Strongest Man in China
Will Egypt’s Christians face the same fate of Egyptian Jews?
Egypt & Israel: A New Treaty is Needed
Me, And the other Revolutionaries ... Honestly
The General's Message


In which side is Israel standing? 
Selmyya .. Peacefully - Joint Statement considering the Egyptian Revolution
The Story of 2 Days I spent at the Egyptian Intelligence


Statement: I Would Not Serve in the Egyptian Army and I Bear the Consequences
Letter to The High Commissioner for Human Rights
Overview on: "No for Compulsory Military Service" Movement


The Time had judged
Facebook inactivates my account 
The keyboard is stronger than the gun
A terrorist threats me

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وليد العمراوي 18/12/2010, 08:40  

واصل أيها الشجاع أنوه بعقلك العقلاني و المنطقي نعم الفرق بين النساء المتحررات في الغرب والجوار عندنا في الشرق كالفرق بين السماء والأرض و للعدل لا مقارنة اطلاقا بينهما

Anonymous,  03/09/2011, 00:23  

هههههههههه مبروك الاعتقال يا حمار عقبال المتناكه امك

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