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>> 30 June 2010

As I'm learning Hebrew these days, I decided to provide a new service in my site ... If you wanna have your name in Hebrew, write it here in English or Arabic, and I'll write it in Hebrew for you


Anonymous,  27/08/2010, 07:46  

כל הכבוד, הו הציונית אתה לא רוצה לבוא לישראל יש לישראל יש שאושרה על ידי כל (האו"ם) כל מי שאינו יהודי, ואתה לא יהודי כן את הפרוטוקולים של זקני ציון "(אנחנו יהודים אינם אדונים רק של העולם מנועי הפיתוי אותו ואת הקצבים) (ד"ר אוסקר לוי)
רבותי, אתם עבדים אנו לא מקבלים שלך

Mahmoud Kefaya Punk,  31/08/2010, 07:44  

Would you please delete the previous message of the anonymous, because it's from a Palestinian spammer.

Maikel Nabil Sanad مايكل نبيل سند 31/08/2010, 09:53  

@Mahmoud Kefaya Punk
It's not a spam, It's a hatred speech, So I'm leaving it

Anon,  24/10/2010, 16:19  

The post in Hebrew is clearly something written in another language and then translated by Google or something like that. It is a false-flag written by someone who hates Israel.

Salaam from Israel!

Anonymous,  24/10/2010, 17:46  

I think you are very brave man, and you are in a great danger, I hope nothing will happen to you
salam to you from Isreal!!

yamit, Israel,  24/10/2010, 18:58  

I'm glad young people like yourself seek for the facts and not satisfied with what they see/hear on the media.
with more people like you - peace will come!
i send you all the best and hopefully you get to visit Israel.
Tislam ala heir!

Anonymous,  25/10/2010, 17:56  

ahalan ahalan!
Ana min Israel wa ana batalem el lura el arabiye (amiye wa al-yom balashti ma fusha!! :) )

Ala kul hal, salam aleicom, inshaalla icon salam fauran!! :)


Anonymous,  10/02/2011, 08:38  

استاذ مايكل اولا حمداللة على السلامة .. لا استطيع ان اتخيل كيف يمكن لأحد ان يجمع ما بين الليبرالية و العولمةاليمينية .. العولمة لا تعنى الحرية وانما تحمل مزيدا من الاستعباد لشعوب العالم الفقيرة
عموما انا اؤيدك فى رفض التجنيد الاجبارى
وعدم احترام البابا شنودة وأضيف علية كل رجال الدين الأخرين الذين يخدمون النظام .. مسلمين او مسيحيين

Anonymous,  11/04/2011, 22:41  

كس امك

marlene 17/04/2011, 01:48  

I agree with Anon, as an Israeli that speak Hebrew no chance that the writter is an Israeli, it is full of stupid mistake that cannot be done by people that speak the langage fluently. Anyway, as an Israeli I disagree with every word of his comment and I am sorry concerning the prison verdict and hope you will be free soon

Anonymous,  26/09/2011, 01:27  


Anonymous,  27/09/2011, 09:14  

ata rotse lemedaber be evrit !!! rbna ya5dk !!!!
ve shalom me metsrayem Ya 7aywan !

Anonymous,  01/11/2011, 14:47  

I hope you die in that jail.

Anonymous,  25/01/2012, 00:09  

i like what your doing!! go on!
ani ohevet ma she ata ose!! tamshig!

Anonymous,  28/01/2012, 23:32  

i really respect you. thank you for your courage. viva la revolution

sary elgmal 28/02/2012, 03:48  

I don't want to comment
I Just Want my name in Hebrew
sary shokry mohamed
ساري شكري محمد

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