The Time had judged

>> 22 September 2008

The Time had judged
Judged on us
Judged to live dead
Judged not to feel love
Judged to forget the way of laugh
Judged not to see any thing except hatred
Judged to live in Egypt

You have a family, but you don't have
You have friends, but you don't have
You have homeland, but you don't have
All the things here have names, but no meanings

Jesus said: wolves wearing the clothes of lambs
In my city, every one is wearing the others clothes
No one wearing his clothes
Every body is fake!!

Feeling homesickness is very bad
But feeling it in your home is worse
To be a stranger between your family
To talk the only language that nobody know
To feel things, they hadn't hear about
To love things, they don't know it exists

The Time had judged
Judged to be sad all the time
Judged to live dead

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