Facebook inactivates my account

>> 09 September 2008

It's our fate in Egypt to be attacked by our military government and the western democratic countries in the same time

In the last year the Facebook had become the most influencing site in the political and civil societies here in Egypt... Millions of Egyptians have accounts on Facebook ... And from the Facebook raised the invitation for 6th April strike which was the first Egyptian civil disobeyance.... Nearly, every party and every organization in Egypt has a group in Facebook. Facebook became the most effective communication site which communicate Egyptians together to talk about all the forbidden subjects in Egypt

Today , I was logging into my account when Facebook refused to log me on ... they said that my account has been disabled by one of their administrators ... I used one of my friends account to find that my profile was deleted with all my politic articles and pictures .... Even when I searched for my name, I couldn't find my profile

The last week , My friend Mahmoud Elphraoni had his account inactivated and in the same day he was threatened by some terrorist islamists and the political police ( State Security Department ) because of his activity for human rights and the freedom of expression here in Egypt .... The inactivation of his account was a method to prevent him to communicate with his friends, and so the terrorists could easily do with him all what they want

Not only Mahmoud ... Ahmed Maher , the Leader of 6th April Strike had his account inactivated few days after the strike and then he was captured and tortured in the State Security Department

Omnia Talat, An Egyptian Journalist, had her account inactivated from more than 6 months ago and she hadn't get her account back till today.... when you try to invite her by Email , the Facebook refuses .... A lot of her friends made a group asking the Facebook to return her account back, but no response

Mohammed Maher, another Egyptian journalist had his account inactivated a year ago after he wrote some criticism on Mobarak.

Ramy Raoof, Human Rights and Baha'i Activist also had his account inactivated three months before.... there are lots of names in the list, and I am not the last one

How can anyone inactivate any account??
It's so easy ... Under each note or comment there is a button named " Report " ... when 100 persons use this button , the account will be inactivated ... So , It's to easy for the Political Police or any other terrorist organization to order only one hundred of their members to use this button

Till now , the bad part hasn't come ... Inactivation of an account isn't the end of the world , but what comes after may be the end of the life ... Inactivation of an account means cutting a lot of Relations between the prey and the media including his readers and followers ... and so , he wouldn't be able to inform any one about what comes after ... Ahmed Maher was tortured for 3 days , Mahmoud Elphraoni was Threatened to be killed ... May be there in Others didn't live to till us what happened to them

This isn't the first attack on me ... In March, I was threatened by an Extreme Islamist was send by the State Security Department because of an article I wrote about the National Democratic Party includes evidences of forcing university students to join the government party ... and after their threats, a lot of accidents happened to me and my family for more than three months

Inactivation of my account means that there is something bad coming in the way ... What it will be? I don't know ... But I know that I am ready to defend my rights till death

Here you could see the message I've send to a Facebook moderator an hour ago ... whishing that we could make any change


Obaida,  10/09/2008, 10:00  

I'm so sorry for that, I hope you will be able to activate your account soon..

ليبرالية يعني حرية 10/09/2008, 10:51  

Sorry Maikel for hearing that. Sign up for new account.

Maikel Nabil Sanad مايكل نبيل سند 10/09/2008, 13:07  

Thanks Obaida for Your Feelings

I won't lose all my notes , friends and comments
I want my account back

Erik Isacson,  26/01/2009, 15:04  

Its so bad, that facebook automaticly inactivates an account if 100 people complain, its very undemocratic.
Do they not even investigate why people have complained?

Maikel Nabil Sanad مايكل نبيل سند 26/01/2009, 15:17  

They don't investigate about anything

You know , this is an old article
I followed them , mailed them daily , moderated a campaign against them and contacted them officially through some human rights organization

After 14 days , they reactivated my account back

We must not leave our rights when they inactivate any account

Thanks for your visit

karen 13/01/2012, 00:07  

Dear Maikel, very sorry to hear yr FB account was inactivated. I have been following the Free Maikel Nabil Sanad FB page to see news of you. Despite SCAFs best efforts to silence you continue to speak - good for you! Very best wishes for you!

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