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>> 05 May 2008

The funniest thing you would hear about 6th April strike
Few days ago , I was talking to one of my friends who is a law student , and we talked about 6th April civil disobedience ... I was surprised when he told me that the Egyptian law considers the civil disobedience a crime and punish who ever participate in it with 5-10 years in jail , in addition to fine ( I'm not sure if this information is true ) .... So I had an idea, I thought that I could publish this law on my blog and that will be a great scoop , as no one from all who wrote about the strike published this law.... so , I asked my friend to bring me a copy of this law from the library of his collage
In the following day, my friend went to his collage, entered the library and searched for along time for any book talking about civil disobedience.... but the surprise that all the books discussing civil disobedience disappeared ... so he went to the responsible of the library and asked him about the absent books.... What do you think the answer was? .... He told him that a police officer came early in the morning and collected all the books discussing civil disobedience and took them with him
When I heard this I laughed from all of my heart .... Are they afraid to this extent?? ... I couldn't Imagine what would make a respected police officer leave his clean air-conditioned office and go to the university to collect some old papers which no one have read them from years ago ??
Few days ago, I left a comment in a popular site and said that our struggle with the regime is uneven, because the regime use guns and pistols, but we don't have any thing except pens, words and the keyboard.... But in this situation, we saw who had the bullets and guns afraid from whom having the pencil, and collecting paper and words to prevent anyone from reading them.... In this time only, I discovered that our struggle is truely uneven, but seems that the pen is more powerful to a great extent than the war machines and the mercenaries
Also, I'm not participating in this strikes (because of its socialist aims), but after this situation there is a message must reach to all bloggers.... never think that we are a storm in a teacup.... never think that we are useless.... never think that we do nothing .... Never think that our words go to the wind.... never think that we don't participate in changing the world to be better.... All situations prove that every word written on keyboard pushes Egypt a step forward.... every line moves on papers opens a new page for Egypt instead of the old dirty papers.... Write ... Write.... the man may be prisoned, may be killed, may get his tongue cut ... but no one could kill the words

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