A terrorist Threats me

>> 26 March 2008

Yesterday ( 25-3-2008 ) , accurately at 11:29:22 pm , a strange number ( +2 0120259539 ) rang on my mobile phone ... I answered , it was a voice of a young man between 20 and 25 years old ... he asked me : " Are you Maikel ? " , I said " yes " , so he mentioned that he is a Moslem friend and refused to tell me his name , then he ordered " stop writing about Islam and Moslems and look forward to your religion ... you worship three gods ... you must worship one god only ... you ( Christians ) accept that your ladies walk naked in the streets ( means without Hijab ) so don't talk about the niqab again .... And I refuse the article you had written about Makkah and El-Madeenah.... so don't talk about Islam again, because the Islam is honorable more than you all (means Christians) and from your religion, blasphemous (Kafer)"

Then he hanged off the telephone.... so I went to my computer and published an article about this and sent it to Egyptian newspapers and big sites

Today, I had found a comment (no 5) for the article of yesterday says: Your mother's pussy is red, Maikel ... we will put a pin in your ass and remove it continuously.... You Khawal son of Khawal (this means in Arabic the negative homosexual, and it's considered a very bad word ("

What will happen in the future? I don't know ... it could be a terrorist, they could harm me or any one of my family anywhere.... It could be one of the State Security Police.... My life is in danger, and all for I wrote articles whish argued there taboos, for I wrote about the niqab which is obligated on Christians in some Egyptian schools

Will I stop? .... Over my dead body


Anonymous,  08/10/2008, 02:31  

Good job Mr. Mikail. Keep exposing their ignorace!

Anonymous,  07/02/2010, 09:54  

Terrorism .. This is Islam .... Judge you pursuant to your religion. lol
we don't have time for Muslim Terrorism now. All the answers you'll find at the book of devil (QURAAN).

Anonymous,  24/10/2010, 21:20  

God Bless You Mikail!

Anonymous,  28/10/2010, 12:39  

Dear Mikail,
Don't give up, EVER! You are fighting the good fight! You are a true HERO!

Anonymous,  27/11/2010, 17:22  

So you're talking about religion and you have adult ads on your website dude, leave Islam alone as we don't get near Christianity or any other holy religion so are you doing this only for fame? this is sad because this will get you no where and i know most of the Arab world countries are corrupted by their governments not their people the people needs democracy and change but there is a military power over their heads and they get terrorized and kidnapped and even raped by the police for just expressing their feelings about how they feel against the corrupted government and the governments are playing us both so stop this act and write about the corruption or are you afraid! of doing so, believe me no one wants you dead so stop the paranoia about a stupid phone call bla bla this is is so sad lol!

Anonymous,  12/04/2011, 19:50  

I know you won't be able to see this until the next three years...
But if you came out of prison,
You should see a psychatric, I mean really, You're a hopeless Case ... He he he

Anonymous,  13/04/2011, 16:15  

Maikel, I'm from New Delhi, India and I've been following your blog (especially after the news of your arrest). Let me tell you that you are doing a good job. I respect you a lot.

Anonymous,  13/10/2011, 16:06  

Maikel, these pathetic creeps who curse and threaten you and who write obscenities...they are the ones who need psychiatric treatment. How could anybody sink so low as to write what they did...Do not take them seriously...the way they act they are cowards.

Anonymous,  17/11/2011, 20:33  

"Good job Mr. Mikail. Keep exposing their ignorace!"

bull. people like that can never be reasoned with. you expose it in your eyes only. their eyes only see what their mind wants to see. there are many cause to the craziness of the arabs but there is no forseeble cure. pick up and leave nabil.
then again, im almost sure you are currently in prison

Anonymous,  24/04/2012, 19:20  

You have freedom of Speech but You do not have the freedom to insult Muslim's belief system .You live in a Country where The Majority are conservative Muslims . You do not have rights to insult their beliefs .

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