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Nonprofit Technology
The Might of Wikipedia: 3 Reasons It Matters!
The Anatomy Of A Wikipedia Page
How to A/B Test: Intro with 4 Key Takeaways
Three Q’s To Answer Before Starting a Campaign in a Chaotic Presidential Election

Reaching Millennials – Building A Successful Nonprofit Instagram 
My Article in FPIP
The War Over Blasphemy
It has been over than 24 centuries since Socrates was sentenced to death for blasphemy. Humans haven't changed!

My Article in The Huffington Post
How Egypt’s Conscription Generates Unemployment and Refugees!
It's the Egyptian military, through its stubbornness dealing with the conscientious objection issue, which generates refugees every day.
My Article in The Huffington Post
How I Was Dragged into Activism!

Though I Keep Getting Detained, I'll Never Stop Being an Activist!

My Article in The Huffington Post
In Egypt, You Must Agree With the Military or Else! 
Polls in Egypt have to be 100% pro-military.

My article in The Foreign Policy
What Egypt need to do 
A Prescription for Egypt
Are We Becoming Cowards?
Does democracies develop to become weaker? Are Jihadists stronger? Why we won't ever win in Afghanistan?
My Article in The Huffington Post
They Burned My Church!
They burned churches and with them, my childhood

Five Dreams and a Haunted Soul 

Pahlavi's Greatest Sin

Was the Shah weak? Did he chose himself his destiny? Is Egypt related?

The Myth of Religious Freedom in Muslim Countries
Your God is illegal. Jailed because of their belief. Islamic Human Sacrifices.
Co-written with Hosea Handoyo
My article in The Foreign Policy
Egypt and Israel; let your Conscientious Objectors free
Egyptians and Israelis find something to agree on

My article in The Times of Israel
The Great Wall of Israel
Israelis, those walls are your prison

My article in the Foriegn Policy
Merkel's Fascist Guest
The Egyptian dictator visits Germany

 My article in The Times of Israel
My Statement declaring my visit to Israel and Palestine
My Article in The Foreign Policy
It's a new Inquisition happening in Egypt in the twenty-first century while the whole world remains silent.

God doesn’t exist, and you can’t harm someone who doesn’t exist.

It was 1952 when, three months before starting a coup in Egypt, the so called "Moslem Soldiers" changed their name to "The Free Officers" in order to...

My Article in The WSJ

Why does an all-powerful state fear an artist's 140-character whispers?

My article in The Times of Israel
4 million Egyptian Christians have emigrated from Egypt over the last 60 years, representing one-third of the entire Coptic population, and comprising nearly 75% of Egyptians living abroad.

My Article in Haaretz
 One of the things I hate about the marriage institution is that the rules (the contract) are decided only one time, and can’t be updated again. I think it’s irrational, because life is a dynamic environment. Everything and everyone change all the time. you, me and them. So, how you ... Continue

Do you know what the hardest time I’ve spent incarcerated was? What hurt the most? … No, not the time I’ve....

My Article in The WSJ
The General's Message
Doubling down on thuggishness with help from U.S. money.


Mistaken whoever believes that in politics, borders can isolate nations. What happened in Tunisia resulted in Mubarak's end in Cairo, what happens in Syria & Iran decides who will lead the Knesset in Israel, and what's said in Tel-Aviv ....

Activists were tortured and Killed by the Army, Even after Mubarak’s resigning (A study supported with documents)

I’m writing this time not to take revenge, but to let people know what would happen to them if this revolution failed.

I can accept that I would be forced to lose my freedom, but I’m not ready to give it up with my own free will.

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